This is the personal portfolio site of Jeffrey Kaplan (me).

If you're here then we're probably considering working together! Please have a look around and let me know if you would like any additional information!

This website is a pretty barebones project I designed and built with node.js, express, and handlebars. It is hosted on heroku. You can have a look at the history of it on my GitHub!

About Jeffrey

I am a (mostly) front-end web developer based in Denver, Colorado. My background is a mix of tech, visual art, and psychology; which all combine in my interest in making intuitive user interfaces and scalable web apps. I seek to be constantly learning and to keep up with industry trends, from new technologies to development methods and practices to make readable, scalable, maintainable code!


  • Front End Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), SASS
  • Development Processes: Responsive Web Development, Version Control (GIT), Shared Development Environments, Grunt, Gulp
  • Front End Libraries: Bootstrap, Underscore, Handlebars, jQuery
  • Front End Frameworks: Express, React
  • Back End Frameworks: node.js
  • CMS/CRM Systems: Drupal, Wordpress, Blackbaud Luminate (Online and CMS)

Development Process:

  • Current Preferred Editor: Visual Studio Code
  • Currently Reading: Clean Code by Robert C. Martin

Work Samples

My digital experience consists of time spent at two marketing agencies. Below are examples of projects I've worked on.

Growth (Current Projects)

I've lately been expanding my node.js skillset to work towards becoming more comfortable in backend spaces.

I've built a barebones weather app (visible here, repo here) using the node packages require, express, and hbs. I also used some fun ES6 features like object destructuring on the API response calls (one for geolocating the entered address and one for returning the weather forecast for that location). I did not use the async/await/promises pattern on this build, opting instead to just work with callback functions.

I'm currently working on a set collection app which uses node.js, mongoDB, and React and will post an update here once it's ready to be shared!